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Supplying full production services including: Producing, directing, crew hiring, location management, casting and more.


Services including: Editing, visual effects, colour grading, sound design, sound mixing and more.


Third-party services including budgeting, logistic support, script revision and project management.


”The Overcoat”


This AWARD WINNING film sees a lowly office
worker's new overcoat transform his bleak and invisible existence. Unfortunately, this new lease of life is short-lived.

Directed by Justin 'Juice' Black and starring Jeremy Stockwell as "The Man", “The Overcoat” is an adaptation of the classic 1842 story written by acclaimed Ukrainian author Nikolai Gogol.

This adaptation was written for the screen by David Lemberg and Jeremy Stockwell

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”Mi O Le Ku”




The MULTIPLE AWARD WINNING ”Mi O Le Ku” short-film was produced by XL Films producer Simone Mcntyre.

A frustrated young man struggles to nurture his talent for art against the harsh realities of growing up within the inner city.

After winning "Best Social Drama" at it's very first festival screening (New Renaissance Festival, London) "Mi O Le Ku" went on to win "Best Foreign Short Film" during its play at the Kapow Intergalactic Festival in Los Angeles.

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”Six Hot Chicks In A Warehouse”




Six Hot Chicks In A Warehouse” is the AWARD WINNING horror feature film, produced by Kill The Sunset Pictures and directed by Simon P. Edwards.

XL Films were engaged to provide full post-production services for the feature film including: editing, visual effects, colour grading, sound design, sound mixing and much more.

Six Hot Chicks In A Warehouse” is availsble to buy ob bluray and is available to stream on Netflix (US).

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”Double Entendre”


Double Entendre” is a sophisticated, slick, fast paced action thriller.

A shadow intelligence agent, haunted by guilt and suspicion seeks to learn the truth about her estranged father's underworld connections and her missing sister.

Produced by Orley Productions.

Beginning festival roll-out. Premiering Friday 18th May at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, in the Short Film Corner (7.20pm, Screen G, Palais de Festival).

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“Ascension Ascension is the upcoming sci-fi/fantasy shortfilm, starring Olwen Kelly (“The Autopsy Of Jane Doe”), Sebastian Street (“Martin Scorsese presents: Tomorrow”), David Lemberg (“The Seasoning House”) and many more.

Written and directed by Justin 'Juice' Black, Ascension is a gripping tale where modern science collides with an ancient race of advanced humans.

The Story

Generations ago, in an unknown land, the followers of the powerful and mysterious Kristen are about to have their loyalties tested following the arrival of the mysterious, Ivan.

Meanwhile, in modern-day London, Martin and Max - two highly-successful billionaire brothers - recount a story of modern-day deception and espionage, that stands to irreversibly change the direction of humankind.

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Kristen (Olwen Kelly)

Ivan (David Lemberg)


”Travis Jay: Seriously Joking”

Comedian Travis Jay’s 1 Hour Comedy Special, “Seriously Joking” was filmed before a live audience in London.

“Seriously Joking” was filmed for Perypheral Vision Entertainment and directed by Angie Lemar.

XL Films was engaged to create visual promo materials for the release of the production.


Now available on streaming and download.

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Travis Jay - Seriously Joking live stand up comedy show

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